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Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

Zodiacal Light

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ZODIACAL LIGHT is so called because the triangular band of light which extend from the horizon half way to the zenith follows the earth's ecliptic and hences passes through the constellations of the zodiac.This faint glowing light is best observed in the early evenings of march an April and just before dawn in September and otober.In the tropics it is seen more often .On a clear,moonless night its brightest areas may outshine the Milky Way.In the above illustrations its brightness has been emphasized to show its form.

Zodiacal light is apparently sunlight reflected from meteoric partikels existing in areas near the plane of the ecliptic,Though meteoric particles are concentranted inthis region ,they do not exist in large numbers.If the particles were of pinhead size and five miles apart,there would be enough within the earth's orbit to reflect the amount of light usually observed.

The zodiacal light seems to widen into a spot some 10 degrees in diameters at a place just opposite he sun.This faint haze of light that moves opposite the sun known as Gegenschein of Counterglow

The areas of zodial light called Gagenschein may owe its increased light to the fact that meteoric particles directly opposite the sun reflect toward us more sunlight than is reflected by particles in portions of the band that are not directly opposite the sun

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