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Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

How To Observe Meteors

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Ameteurs who know the stars and constellations can study
and map metors showers. Most are best seen between midnight
and dawn on nights when showers are expeted.
observations works best when two or more amateurs co-operate.
Several observers facing in different directions can thus cover
the entire sky,
and few meteors escape notice. When possible,
each observer should have an assistant to record the data,
because meteors may sometimes come so fast that one cannot
take time out to record them.For each meteor observed it is important to record the time the star constellation near which it is grees.
Notes an itrs speed (meteors vary considerably),
color,trail,and briliance as compared to stars of known magnitude are also worth while.

Prepare data sheets in advance.Develop abbreviations for quick recording.
Find a place with a clear view of the sky and arrange for deck chairs or
some others comfortable rest.Warm clothing and a blanket,
even in summer,are advisable.
Ameteurs have recordedhundreds of meteors in an hour of observation.
Each,plotted on a chart of the sky,gives a picture similiar to that on the next page,clearly indicating the radiant point of the shower


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