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I want to say thank you to who give me information about my post " Universe" im so glad and so happy.can post this artcle..And my thanks will be goes to :

Observing Meteors

Metoers or shooting stars (pp.129-133) of ten occur in well-defined showers.Careful observation and plotting of the paths of meteors yields information of scientific value.A number of groups of amateurs are engaged in observing meteors and any interested amateur or group of amateurs can join.Contact the American Metoers Society,Flower Observatory,Upper Darby,Pa.

Observing Variable Stars

Amateurs with telescopes have done unusual work in this advanced field.Studies of these stars are co-ordinated by the American Association of Variable Star Observers,4 Brattle St..,Camridge 38,mass.The resorder of the Association will be glad furnish qualified amateurs with details about this work.


Photographingthe stars and otehr heavenly bodies is not difficult,Excellent pistures hane been taken with box cameras set firmly on a table .But pictures of faint objects must be taken with a telescope or with a special camera adjusted to compensate for the earth's motion.Photography is an important tool of astronomers -one which the amateur can use to be advantage

More Information

This article is aprimer to the sky and can only introduce a story which is more fully told in many texts and popular books on astronomy.There are magazines for the amateur too,with interesting articles and news.Try the following :

  • Baker,Robert H., When the stars Come out,1954,and introducing the Constellations,1973.Viking Press,New York.This pair of books serves to introduces the stars,meeting the needs persons without scientific background.The are well illustrated.
  • Baker,Robert H,and Rice,New Handbook of the Heavens.Withlesy House,New York 1954.A Fine book ,bridging the gap between popular volumes and sresess things to do and see.Also in a pocket edition by Mentor Books.
  • Olcott,Mayall,and Mayall,Fields Book of the Skies,G.P.Putnam's Sons,New York,1954.The revised edition of a popular and practica guide for the amaetur observe.
  • Sky an Telescope.This is the outstanding magazine for the amateurs.Monthly ;$4.00 per year.Sky Publishing Corp..Harvard College Observatory,Cambridge 38,Mass.
  • Thompson,Allyn J. Making Your Own Telescope,Sky Publishing Corp.Combridge 38,Mass,1947.How to plan and make your own instruments with much incidental information on telescopes generally

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good source, i want to read them all if i have time and find out nice articles

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