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Rabu, 28 April 2010


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About five or ten comets appear yearly.
Most are faint teles copic objects, but the chance of seeing at least one large,
bright comet during your life is good.
Record of comets, which often caused terror in ancient times,
go back at least 25 centuries.
The famous Halley's comet was reported as long ago as 240 B.C,
on one of its regular 76-year visits.
Once believed to be visitors from oter space,
comets are now considered members of the solar system ,
moving around the sun indefinite orbits.
Comets seem to be closely related to meteors and perhaps to asteorids.
The head of a comet may. A number of comets and fragment.
A number of comets and meteor swarms have similiar orbits.

A few comets have not reappeared.
as predicted,but instead,meteor showers have occured.
Comets shine partly by reflected light.
partly because sunlight causes their own gases to glow.
Comets tail consist of exceedingly fine gases and dust,
expelled from the heads of the comets.
The tail may be so tenous that stars shine through it with undiminished brightness.
( The earth has passed through the tail of Halley's comet with no apparent effect.)
A comet's tail alwayas streams away from the sun,
and as the comet recedes from the sun the size of the tail decreases.
Most comets lack a spectacular tail in others it develops rapidly
and may be come hundreds og millions of miles long.


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