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Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

Meteor Or Shooting Star

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Meteor or Shooting Star exist in untold numbers within the solar system
and perhaps far beyond.Though 100 million or more strike the earth's atmosphere daily,
their speed is so great that they vaporize at white heat high in the air.
Occaional fragments penetrate the atmosphere and strike the earth,but these are rae.

Meteor fragments that reach the ground are known as meteorites.
They vary from bits hardly larger than dust particles to chunks weighing tons.
The average meteors is estimated to weigh 0.0005 ounces.
The two largest known meteorites were found in Shoutwest Africa (Hoba meteorite)
and Greenland (Ahnighto meteorits).Both are from the nickel-iron type of meteor.
Another type .the stony meteor ,is smaller or is broken up more in falling.
No stony meteorites larger than about a ton have been found.
Near Winslow in Arizona,east of Hudson Bay,and in Siberia and Esthonia are
large craters made when giant meteors struck the earth.
Small meteorites have been found near the Arizona crate,but the giant one,
estimated at over 50,000 tons,has never been discovered.
t probably vaporized on its Impact.
Meteorites are often covered with a smooth black crust farmed
as the tremendous heat caused by the fricktion of the air fused the meteor's surface.

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mixedfresh mengatakan...

shooting star.. i seldom to see it in the sky, but some people said that if we see the shooting star, then we better make a wish, n u'r wish could be true
but who knows?

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