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Minggu, 15 November 2009

Replies From God

13.19 |

Earth consists of 4 elements are: Land, Water, Fire, and Air .ALL of the elements must be balanced because it is a 4 element indispensable element of the earth, it serves as a
"HEART EARTH" us, if not one of the four elements, earth will not be formed,
God is fair, God created the Universe and its entire-contents-and details.
Indeed with as much detail as God created man and nature to share,

which humans need plants and plants require both of human.where each sharing, but what ...? increasing age of the earth and the more advanced era.Humans forget about all , people forget that the plant was very needed.Human ruin everything, destroy nature and nature is where it will replay, replay what he did.

Our lives are filled with a share issue, the problem of small and big problems, these problems that will spice up our lives, our lives would be fun if not our lives just "Flat", meaning it just always never changed and that's where we know that life is not only fun, but we are above or sometimes we also live under my crossed by sometimes

"We also must continue to be lived with a laugh, but sometimes we also have to cry because in order to know that, life is not just for a laugh".

When the noise mensorakkan "Prevent this Global".yell Warming its usefull.because not just a word of cheers coming from the mouth without any action may be to some people think that saving Earth from an early age not to do this kind of thinking that will even worsen the life of this world already fragile. The increase in time also increases the fragility of this world and that I expect people in the world was made aware that this earth is so fragile, we live on this earth only once, why can not we keep this earth dg wholeheartedly, why we made the earth This angry. Maybe its all replies from God



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