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Kamis, 03 Juni 2010


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Rainbow are solar spectra formed as sunlight passes through drops of water.
Rainbow may be seen when a hose is adjusted to a fine spra.
The drops act like prisms.refracting sunlight to produce the spectrum.
A single,or primary,rainbow has red on the outside,
violet inside.its arc,40 degrees in radius ,
is always on a line with the observer and the sun.
When you see bow,the sun is behind you.
Sometimes asecondary rainbow farms outside the primary.
It is fainter,with colors reversed-red inside, violet outside.
The secondary bowfarms from light reflested twice within drops.
Light may be reflected more than twice, so occasionally up to five bows are seen.
Another type of bow-red or red and green-may appear with primary and secondary bows.

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