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Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

Some Famous Comet

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Halley's- Last seen in 1910.Next expected about 1986.the only conspisous comet that returns in less than 100 years.It has been observed on 28 returns.

Sept.1982-A briliant comet, disrupted after passing close to the sun.Split into four comets,which may return between 2500 and 2800.

Biela's- In 1846 this comet split.In 1852,twin comets returned on the same orbit. In 1872 and in 1885,the comets failed to return but briliant meteors shower were seen instead.

Encke's - A small telescopoc comet of the Jupiter's family.It has returned rregularly since 1819 at 3. 3-year intervals.

Schwassmann-Wachmann- This comet,discovered in 1925.has an orbit which lies entirely between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn,giving it the path of a planet.


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