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Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

On The Moon

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Oue unique moon is over a quarter of the diameter of the planet
around which it revolves.
However,its weight is only 1/83 that of the earth,
its volume 1/50,and its gravitional pull 1/5 of the earth's.

It is probably an empty,lifeless place.on the sunny side,
temperatures are near boiling ; on the dark side they are lower thanany on earth.
in some sections cindery,dusty plains extend in all directions,
their surface marres by deep cracks and broken ridges.
Thousands of craters,some caused by metors,some perhaps by ancient volcanoes,
cover the rest of the moon's surface.

These range from 1/4 mile to 150 miles across,with steep,
rocky walls jutting upward as high as mile or two.
Sometimes an isolated peak is within the creter.
Bright streaks or rays extend in all directios from some creters.
Beside the creters and plains
(called seas by early astronomes who thught they were full of water), the moon has mountain ranges with peaks three,four,and five miles high. In propotion to the size of the moon they are much higher than mountains on the earth.

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